Follett Virtual Campus

Follett Virtual Campus

Many schools desire to “Get our school out of the textbook business.” To better stay current with textbook editions, and to shed the burdens of textbook inventory and purchasing, an online bookstore may be the solution.

In the 144+ years since Follett was founded, they’ve perfected the textbook fulfillment process for K-12 schools. Their Digital Concierge program leverages industry-leading technology to help schools implement a successful digital textbook.

With Follett Virtual Campus Online Bookstore:

• Schools have a school-specific online bookstore hosted by Follett
• Curriculum Coordinators easily identify print and digital course materials using ISBN numbers using the best-in-class Online Adoption Tool.
• Parents order specified textbooks and course materials for their students

Please contact us to help start the process of building your booklist to see how the FVC Online Bookstore can help you move to a parents-pay model and build your online bookstore.


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