Real World Marketing Programs for Christian School

Christian schools exist with an important goal in mind: Providing a worldview-changing, quality educational experience for students. To the extent that those goals are met, enrollment grows (or holds steady) as students are retained and as satisfied parents tell other parents (Word-Of-Mouth). However, over time, parent satisfaction gaps can arise that begin a downward decline in enrollment and program quality. GraceWorks can help.


Founded in 2000, GraceWorks Ministries is a 501(c)(3) ministry providing Christian schools with the finest resources achieve these goals. Utilizing their nationally normed Parent Satisfaction and Referral Survey in conjunction with customized coaching, GraceWorks provides highly effective marketing assistance to Christian schools across the nation.

At Precept, we are happy to recommend Dan Krause and his team and their program to you. Dan has a passion and the expertise to guide you through the process of implementing a real-world (proven in Christian schools) marketing plan. This plan is designed to help you build your enrollment, expanding your ministry and adding important dollars to the bottom line to sustain a strong program. Despite the challenging economy, Dan is still helping schools achieve impressive enrollment gains, even in hard-hit areas.

If you are seriously interested in taking a careful introspective look (using the Parent Satisfaction and Referral Survey) and guiding your staff, volunteers, and parents through a school growth process that easily pays for itself (and far more) with new students, we'd like to arrange a free one-hour phone consultation with Dan Krause. In your (free and with no-obligation) phone call, you will walk away with specific action steps you can apply immediately and with a sense of how the GraceWorks program could work for you.


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Teacher Friendly and Cost Effective Science Labs

Logos Science BJU Press Addendums and Kits were developed exclusively to support the BJU Press Science programs and Lab manuals. The addendums adapt experiments for affordability and for safety in both classroom environments. Students gain knowledge and insight from experiencing science through experiments, and can see science come to life through hands-on learning.

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