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SecureSearch Pro - Due Diligence Staff Background ChecksDue-Diligence Background Checks for Christian Schools

A survey of pastors showed that nearly 60% had inconsistent or non-existent background check processes in their churches for volunteers. While state laws dictate that many private Christian schools perform some basic background checks, surprisingly, there are many gaps and these checks often don't actually form a comprehensive safety net.

Precept has negotiated the lowest possible rates with SecureSearch, a well-respected and recommended provider of background checks for churches, schools, and non-profit organizations. 


Why the Worry?

  • Download our FREE Background Check Overview20% of all non-profit volunteers and staff background checks have a red flag– source SecureSearch Historical Data
  • 4% are relevant to working with children or youth
  • Sex offenders are preying on churches, camps, schools and child programs.
  • Who are the 4% in your school?
How Can I Get Started?

Option #1: Download the Secure Search Account Agreement Form and the 50-State Compliant Consent Form (With Instructions)

Download, Complete, and Fax this Account Setup Agreement              Download the Background Check Consent Form






Option #2: Request a Customized Background Check Consultation

In order to better protect our students and fulfill due-diligence before the law, I'm re-evaluating the background check protocols for our school. I'd like the SecureSearch team to discuss the particulars of my state with me.


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