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Founded in 1974, BJU Press has become the leading publisher of Christian textbooks and educational resources written from a thoroughly Biblical worldview and a research-based pedagogical perspective. 

Instructional Technology and Software to Enhance Student Learning Outcomes

Education is more than just learning facts—it’s also building essential skills. It’s about teaching students to approach learning creatively and with critical thinking. To be innovative in their approaches and thought process. It’s about learning and working together, and being able to communicate ideas.

K-8 Technology Education. LESSONS FOR LIFE

Global Academics has been providing the highest quality and most comprehensive technology program available to Christian schools since 1992. Trajectory extends beyond curriculum to also provide consultative support and connection to an extensive online educational resource center for teachers and students.


Teacher Friendly and Cost Effective Science Labs

Logos Science Addendums and Kits for BJU Press were developed exclusively for the BJU Press Science Lab Manuals. The addendums adapt experiments for affordability and for safety in both classroom and home environments. Not only can your student gain knowledge and insight from experiencing science through experiments, your student can also see science come to life through hands-on learning.

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Stanford 10 and Iowa Testing


BJU Press Testing & Evaluation has been providing quality testing service since 1984. Why go anywhere else?

Diagnostic Assessments and Targeted Remedial Instruction

Bring the Effective Diagnostic Online Reading and Math Assessments to Your Classrooms
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