Logos Science

Teacher Friendly and Cost Effective Science Labs

Logos Science BJU Press Addendums and Kits were developed exclusively to support the BJU Press Science programs and Lab manuals. The addendums adapt experiments for affordability and for safety in both classroom environments. Students gain knowledge and insight from experiencing science through experiments, and can see science come to life through hands-on learning.

You can view kit contents and order here: http://www.bjupress.com/logos-science-lab-kits 

Laboratory experiments can be encumbering for both students and teachers. Choosing the "do-it-yourself" route can be time consuming and take excessive resources for preparation alone. The Logos Science Labs products offer convenient and dependable alternative. Logos Science kits can make science easy to teach and help challenge and inspire your students.

From a teaching perspective, these science laboratory kits deliver solid science. They are designed to amplify the base (non-laboratory) curriculum component, simplify teaching, and empower the student. Every experiment was fastidiously created and written to clearly teach key scientific concepts. Step-by-step, well-written instructions guide teachers and students.

Produced by Quality Science Labs, LLC, a Christian company, the Logos Science lab kits contain virtually everything you need to complete the learning objectives of the BJU Press Science Lab Manuals, including the Logos Science BJU Press Lab Manual Addendum, laboratory materials and equipment. You only need to supply a few common items, a clean table, and enthusiasm to "dive in" and you will see science come to life. Logos Science Labs' Products are targeted for college preparatory-level learning.

You can view kit contents and order here: http://www.bjupress.com/logos-science-lab-kits 




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