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BJU Press

Biblically Integrated and Academically Rigorous Christian Textbooks


Biblically Integrated and Academically Rigorous Christian Textbooks

Founded in 1974, BJU Press has become the leading publisher of Christian textbooks and educational resources written from a thoroughly Biblical worldview and a research-based pedagogical perspective. 

What Makes BJU Press Unique? BJU Press uniquely combines the following elements: 

1. Biblical Worldview. This isn't just a buzz word or several tacked-on Bible verses. At BJU Press, it is the starting point for the entire writing team and Biblical Integration department. Each new textbook revision reflects careful evaluation and improvement toward this goal, helping students to view that subject area from a Biblical perspective. BJU Press believes that your textbook provider should help you achieve your spiritual formation goals for your students, not provide worldview challenges to overcome.

2. Critical Thinking Development. An educational process that simply trains students to parrot back answers for testing purposes (the very lowest levels of Bloom's taxonomy) doesn't serve them well. Instead, they can be drawn to their full potential by careful questioning, leading them toward a deep interaction with the content. BJU Press assists teachers to achieve this educational goal and provides students with higher-level application questions in their student texts. Because BJU Press believes “the teacher is the key”, instructional materials are written to support teachers as they customize their curriculum to meet the needs of their students and develop their thinking skills.

3. Academic Rigor. A Christian school shouldn't feel that they are settling for second-best when they choose a Christian textbook, written from a Biblical world and life view. BJU Press textbooks a proven choice with high achieving Christian schools. Textbooks are built upon ongoing research and are crafted for engagement, supporting schools which strive for academic excellence.

4. Technology Solutions. While sound educational strategies don’t change, the tools that teachers employ do. BJU Press is committed to provided technology tools that support classroom instruction and student achievement. These include presentation and instructional tools for teachers, found at They also include eTextbooks for students, and the powerful (and free) site.


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