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Diagnostic Assessments and Targeted Remedial Instruction


Diagnostic Assessments and Targeted Remedial Instruction

Bring the Effective Diagnostic Online Reading and Math Assessments to Your Classrooms

With Let’s Go Learn’s diagnostic assessments, classroom teachers, administrators, and even parents can access incredibly rich and meaningful diagnostic data in just clicks. Diagnostic assessments provide granular insight across multiple subskill indicators, so educators no longer need to determine why a summative assessment score is low, but can pinpoint exact areas to focus, and ensure students stay on the right track to success.

Employ Data-Driven Cycles of Targeted Instruction for Every Student

Immediately following diagnostic assessments, the Let’s Go Learn instructional solutions, LGL Math Edge and LGL ELA Edge, leverage powerful granular data to automatically develop a personalized learning path for each student. As students work through customized courses, they build upon mastered skills to develop a solid understanding of each new concept. The adaptive platform ensures each student works within the appropriate ZPD by providing a continuous cycle of instruction, practice, and knowledge retention confirmation.

To keep students engaged with content, LGL Edge solutions use interactive, age-appropriate instructional support including songs, graphics, videos, and gamified concept reviews. Every lesson adopts deliberate, research-based pedagogical practices to create intrinsic motivation and reward students frequently via real-time positive reinforcement and feedback.


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