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Revolutionizing Corporate Collaboration: Newline Interactive Solutions for Christian Schools

Precept Marketing, in partnership with Newline Interactive, offers tailored technology solutions for corporate environments in Christian schools. Newline's interactive technology enhances collaboration and communication.

Upgrade your workspace and help your team collaborate faster and easier. Newline’s corporate solutions and interactive touch displays make meetings more effective. In other words, your company can focus on brainstorming good ideas and putting them into action instead of worrying about technology.


Collaborate with anyone, anywhere.

Everything you need for better meetings and better videoconferencing all rolled into one single interactive display.

Above all, Newline’s solutions streamline your workspace.

Interact without limitations.

Use a built-in whiteboard to share your ideas. Whether working in the same room or connected remotely, everyone can be involved.


Use one app for all your meetings

Stop switching between apps and slowing down your meetings. Newline Launch Control brings you one place to access your meeting calendar, quickly start a videoconference or pull up specific files.


Lose the cables, not the connection.

Eliminate the clutter in your meeting room. Use Newline Cast to share your screen wirelessly from any device. Up to 4 users can cast their screen at once.


Need a Representative?

Our Territory Managers and Educational Consultants work as teams to serve you. You can find your regional team here.
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